Oak Grove Youth Rodeo Club

P.O. Box 244

Oak Grove, MO 64075


​Arena Location:  Frick Park

​                         600 SW 12th Street, Oak Grove, MO 64075

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The Oak Grove Youth Rodeo Club was formed in 1991 to aid and support the youth and their families in the sport of rodeo. The Primary Goal of the Club is to keep young people involved in an activity where drugs and alcohol are not allowed, and at the same time, give them guidance and instruction in the sport, along with the opportunity to join together with other people who have similar interests. Whether you are young or old, an amateur of professional, we have events for you.

Sport of Rodeo

For Some, Rodeo is a Family Tradition that passes from generation to generation; for others this is a new adventure. Whichever  the case may be, the club would like to insure these young or not so young people get the opportunity to experience the thrill of rodeo and fulfill their dreams.




Arena Location