Pole Bending
Flag Race
Barrel Racing

All Ages & Skill Levels Are Welcome

PeeWee, Junior, Senior, 40 & Over Divisions


$1.00 ENTRY FEE PER EVENT/OGYRC Membership Required

To Qualify:

Must be an OGYRC member in good standings ($30 individual, $50 family)  OGYRC Membership
Must be a Buckle Series member ($25 individual)
Sign Up
Must help at the OGYRC Annual Rodeo

Must help at each fun show you attend (set barrels/pole, gate man, take times, ect.) for one time slot.
Must be signed up before the July fun show.


Points will be awarded during the monthly fun shows in the events of: Barrel Racing, Pole Bending, and Flag Race. Points will depend on the number of participants at the show. (i.e. 10 participants= 1st 10pts, 2nd 9pts, 3rd 8pts, and so on)
1 Point will be awarded for each monthly club meeting you attend.
If you plan to run an event more than one time, points will only be awarded for your first run in each event.
It is your responsibility to designate in the Buckle Series Section that you are running for Series Points or you will not receive points for that run.
The last fun show worth points with be held in Septembe


Buckles will be awarded to the over-all high point earner in each age division (Pee Wee (9 & under), Junior (10-15), Senior (16-39), and 40 & over) at the first Fun Show/Buckle Series the next Season.

Oak Grove Youth Rodeo Club Buckle Series Schedule